M. D. Allen Fitchburg, MA 1867 wooden toys and toy parts
Althof, Bergman & Co. New York, NY 1867 jobbers, tin and mechanical toys
American Doll & Toy Co. New York, NY 1892 -? dolls
American Instructive Toy Manufactory Hartford, CT 1867-1870's games, puzzles. (Also known as Goodhue, Douglas & Co.)
American Tool Co. New York, NY 1881 -1890's tools, tool chests
American Toy Co. Newark, NJ 1890's toys
American Toy Co. New York, NY 18681872 A temporary selling organization of George W. Brown & Co. and J. & E. Stevens & Co., providing iron and tin toys
American Toy Watch Co. Providence, RI 1860's toy watches
Ames Manufacturing Co. Chicopee, MA 1867 skates, war toys
Thomas S. Anners Philadelphia, PA 1822 -1829 bone alphabet blocks, leather dolls with composition heads
Arnold Print Works North Adams, MA 1876 - c.1900 rag dolls printed cloth for stuffing toy animals
Art Fabric Mills New Haven, CT 1890's Printed cloth for stuffing dolls and ten pins
Arzt & Sons New York, NY 1881 toys
Askam & Son Philadelphia, PA 1860's hobby horses, propellers, etc
Atlas Gun Co. Ilion, NY 1890's air rifles. (Bought out by Daisy Manufacturing Co. in 1905.)
Automatic Toy Works New York, NY 1870's-1880's mechanical windup toys. (Bought by Ives of Bridgeport)
Bacon & Priestly Grand Rapids, MI 1883 sleds
Charles Bailey (1) Manchester, MA 1858 puzzles and games
Charles Bailey (2) Middletown, CT late 1880's metal mechanical toys and novelties
Baker & Wilson Templeton, MA 1868-1880's toy carriages, wagons
E. Ballard Clinton, MA 1840-1890's toys, dolls, sleds, wagons
Barker, Jones & Fargo Sandisfield, MA 1868 toy carts, sleds, hoops
Barnes & Co. Covington, KY c.1879 velocipedes
Barney & Berry Springfield, MA c.1862 roller and ice skates
S.O. Barnum & Son Toledo, OH 1845 (after 1885 Toledo Metal Wheel Co.) toys, vehicles, also retail shop
G. Barren Backfield, Maine 1883 sleds, wagons
Wm. E Barton Chatham, CT 1865 bell toys
Baseball Emporium & Mfg. Co. New York, NY 1867 bats, croquet, parlor croquet
Eugene Beggs Paterson, NJ 1870's steam engines, trains
C.W. Beiser New York, NY 1890's toy soldiers
G. P. Benjamin New York, NY c.1890 toys
Bethel Toy Mfg. Co. Bethel, VT c.1883 toys
Bevin Bros. East Hampton, CT 1836 bells, bell toys
L. Bieber & Son New York, NY c.1890 toys
E.W. Billings Providence, RI 1865-1870's wooden and mechanical toys
Bissell Mfg. Co. Grand Rapids, MI 1890's toy carpet sweepers
L.S. Bixler Freemansburg, PA 1878- iron toys and novelties, banks. (Bixler was plant superintendent at Shimer, Kenton, Hubley.)
W.M. Blake Westboro, MA c.1883 sleds
R. Bliss & Co. Providence, RI 1845 blocks, tool chests, later lithographed wooden toys, doll houses, etc
Bliss, Wilson & Co. Louisville, KY 1890's toys
Joseph Boller New York, NY 1875 -1890's toys
G.S. Bend Charlestown, NH c.1883 toys
Booth & Rockwell Monroeton, PA 1890 bats, tops, Indian clubs, come-back balls
I.P. & S.M. Botsford Meriden, CT 1860's toys
Henry Bowen Boston, MA c.1849 baby jumpers
S. & F. Boylston New York, N. Y. and Rowayton, CT 1867c.1890 hobby horses, sleds
M.L. Bradford Manchester, NH 1865 skates
Milton Bradley Co. Springfield, MA 1860 - games, trains, paints, crayons, guns, optical toys, puzzles, etc. etc
C.F. Braitling Bridgeport, CT 1869 - doll accessories, dolls. (later Frederick K. Braitling Co.)
Benjamin Brandenstein New York, NY 1867 dolls
F.A. Brigham Westboro, MA 1883 sleighs
C.H. Brower New York, NY 1875 toys
George W. Brown & Co. Forestville & Bristol, CT 1857 - 1880's tin toys, windup toys. (See also American Toy Co.)
Thomas Brown New York, NY 1867 -1870's hobby horses, carriages
W.F. Brown Westboro, MA 1880's sleighs
Brown & Eggleston New York, NY 1856 hobby horses, propellers, carriages
Brown, Taggard & Chase Boston, MA 1850's paper dolls, games
Buckman Mfg. Co. New York, NY 1869 - toy guns, steam engines and toys
Buffalo Toy Works Buffalo, NY 1880 -1890's iron and steel toys
J.N. Bunnell Farmington, CT 1868 tin toys
Nathan Burpee Sterling, MA 1856 wagons, carts
Bush & Spencer Springfield, MA 1865 toy drums
E.W. Bushnell Philadelphia, PA 1847 -1857 hobby horses, velocipedes, wheelbarrows, etc. (After 1857, Bushnell & Tull)
Otis P. Butler Rindge, NH 1868 wooden toys
Carlisle & Finch Cincinnatti, OH 1896 - trains, electrical trains
Carrom Industries Ludington, MI 1882 - wooden games, toys
N.D. Cass Athol, MA c.1894 - toy trunks, furniture, pianos, etc
J. Charlton New York, NY 1881 toys
Chase Stockinet Doll Co. Pawtucket, RI 1890 - dolls
R. E. & A. P. Chase Burlington, VT 1865 -1880's toys
A. Christian New York, NY 1856 - 1880's hobby horses, propellers, velocipedes, carriages, sleds, etc. (Sometimes Christian & Son; from 1868 Christian & Dare; from c.1880 Hoffmere, Kelsey Cornwell.)
Chromatic Printing Co. Philadelphia, PA c.1870 paper dolls
Austin & Smith Clark New York, NY 1860's paper dolls
Simeon Clark Amherst, MA 1850's wagons, sleds, carriages
R.J. Clay New York, NY 1868-1880's blocks, mechanical windup toys, watches. (Toy inventor and founder of the Automatic Toy Works)
Clayton Bros. Bristol, CT 1880's skates
Clinton Croquet Co. Clinton, Maine 1880's croquet sets, sleds
Coe & Sniffen Stratford, CT c.1859 -1870's skates
F. Coghill New York, NY 1890's toys
Colby Brothers Waterbury, VT c.1857 -1870's willow ware, velocipedes, sleds, carriage,
B.F. Colby Lowell, MA 1880's croquet sets
William Cole & Co. Worthington, MA 1868 -1880's sleds. (After 1883 Cole & Hayden.)
Cole & Ballard Newark, NJ 1870's carriages and sleds
Coleman & Co. New York, NY 1890's toys
J.C. Collin Syracuse, NY 1890's toys
G.T. Comins Boston, MA and New York, NY 1870's doll cradles
S.M. Comstock & Co. Centerbrook, CT 1850's ivory fabricator, doll brushes and combs
J.A. Conover & Son New York, NY 1860's -1870's hobby horses, velocipedes
Converse, Morton Winchendon, MA 1878 - rocking horses, drums, blocks, wooden and metal toys, etc. etc. (From 1878-1883 known as Mason & Converse.)
R.B. Cooley New York, NY 1880's -1890's toys
E.L. Cortell Hingham Centre, MA 1870's wooden toys
Cox & Stephens New York, NY 1880's toys
Asa Crandall Covington, PA 1820's -1849 wooden toys. (Father of Charles M. Crandall)
Benjamin Potter Crandall Westerly, RI, and New York, NY 1840 - c.1870 velocipedes carriages, rocking horses, etc. (Father of B. P. Crandall, Jr., Jesse A. Crandall, Charles T. Crandall, and Wm. Edwin Crandall.)
Benjamin Potter Crandall, Jr. New York, NY 1840's -1850's associated with father and brothers in making toys listed under father's name.)
Charles M. Crandall Covington and Montrose, PA and Waverly, NY 1849  games, puzzles, croquet, blocks, etc.  (Son of Asa, father of Fred W. Crandall)
Charles T. Crandall New York, NY 1840's -1880's carriages, hobby horses, blocks, other wooden toys. (Son of Benjamin P. Crandall, brother of Wm. Edwin and Jesse A. Crandall, associated for many years with Wm. Edwin in Crandall & Co.)
Charles T. Crandall, Jr. New York,. NY 1880's same products as above. (Associated with father for short period in Crandall & Co.)
Crandall Elkland PA 1880's - wooden toys and furniture. (Associated with father, Charles M., in Montrose, then in business for himself in Elkland)
Jesse A. Crandall New York and Brooklyn, NY 1840s - hobby horses, velocipedes, games, toys, etc. (Associated with father and brothers in New York in early years; after Civil War in business for himself in Brooklyn, although collaborating with brothers in Crandall & Co.)
Nathan T. Crandall New York, NY (Little known of this Crandall, although listed in business directories at same address as B. P. Crandall in 1840.)
Wm. Edwin Crandall New York, NY 1840's - 1890's carriages, velocipedes, hobby horses, etc. (Son of Benjamin P. Crandall, brother of Charles T., Jesse A. and B. P. Jr.; long associated with brother Charles T. in Crandall & Co.) eventually running it alone.)
Crandall & Co. New York, NY 1840's -1890's carriages, velocipedes, hobby horses, blocks, etc. (For many years the name used by Wm. Edwin and Charles T. Crandall; also had retail shop.)
Crib & Toy Co. Leominster, MA 1880's wooden toys
I.F. Crocker Valley Falls, RI c.1867 tin toy furniture
Crosby, Nichols & Co. Boston, MA c.1854 paper dolls, toy books
Crown Roller Skate Co. Chicago, Illinois 1883 skates
Peter Currier Philadelphia, PA c.1893 toy whips and balloons
Loring, S. Cushing  Higham, MA 1860 doll furniture. (Member of Tower Toy Guild, Tower Toy Co.)
S.G. Cushing Fitchburg, MA 1875 organ and piano works, wooden toys and parts
Daisy Manufacturing Co. Rogers, AR (formerly Plymouth, MI) 1888  air rifles, toy guns, etc
G.F. Daniels New York, NY 1870's doll shoes
C. W. F. Dare New York, NY 1867 - 1890's carriages, hobby horses, etc. (Also agents, jobbers; associated for a time with A. Christian.)
F.E. Darrow Bristol, CT c.1866 - 1880 clocks, toys, rawhide dolls and doll heads. (Also Darrow Mfg. Co., Darrow & Peck.)
F.A. Davis Sidney, Maine 1880's sleds
Gilbert Deblois Boston, MA 1769 - 1770's violins, flutes, drums, battledores and shuttlecocks
Dickinson & Thayer Hadley, MA 1849 - c.1870 carriages, wagons
B.G. Dikinson Granville, MA 1860's drums. (Also Dikenson)
Dodge & Myer Newark, NJ 1870's steam toys
Dotter Doll Co. Brooklyn, NY 1880's dolls. (Later Bawo & Dotter.)
W.A. Dunn Fitchburg, MA 1874 - c.1890 toys, games, picture frames. (Also retailer.)
J.A. Dubuar Mfg. Co. Northville, MI 1890's air rifles.(Bought by Daisy in 1903.)
E. Durlach Brooklyn, NY c.1875 - 1895 wood toys, doll houses, toy stores
S.C. Dyke South Akron, OH c. 1884 clay marbles
Eagle Mfg. Co. Grand Rapids, MI 1880's sleds
Eagle Augur & Skate Co. Wallingford, CT c.1870 skates
East Hampton Bell Co. East Hampton, CT 1837 bells. (This firm may never have made bell toys, but its successor, Gong Bell Mfg. Co., founded in 1866, made thousands.)
Edenborn, Benjamin Philadelphia, PA c.1857 children's coaches, carriages
Edison Phonograph Toy Mfg. Co. New York, NY 1890 talking dolls
Elder & Brown New York, NY c.1867 - 1870's hobby horses, baby tenders, carriages, wagons
Charles J. Elliot Granby, MA 1850's carriages, wagons
See Ellis, Britton & Eaton, Vermont Novelty Works)
Ellis, Britton & Eaton Springfield, VT 1865 - 1890's carriages, hoops, wooden toys, wooden dolls. (Better known as Vermont Novelty Works.)
The Embossing Company Albany, NY 1870 blocks, dominoes, wooden toys. (Also agent for British toy makers. Taken over by the Halsam Company, 1957.)
Estes, E. B. New York, NY, with plants in several eastern states 1847  wooden toys, novelties, parts
C. Euler Louisville, KY c. 1865 toys, candy
Eureka Mfg. Co. Boston, MA 1870's air pistols
Ewing & Quinn New York, NY c. 1865 - 1880's doll trunks
C. Fairbanks Westboro, MA 1883 sleighs
Fairweather, Tillie Hartford, CT 1890's doll dresses
James Fallows & Sons Philadelphia, PA c.1890 - 1895 tin toys, mechanical toys and novelties
S.S Farrar South Royalston, MA c.1865 sleds, hoops, wheelbarrows
A. Featherstone Chicago, IL 1890's toys
C.A. Fenner Groton, CT 1880's toy furniture, cradles
F.C. Ferrin Providence, RI 1880's wooden toys. (Also retailer.)
C.H. Fessenden Waverly, NY c.1882 wooden toys. (Later joined Waverly Toy Works.)
Feast & Rice New York, NY c. 1875 toys
George Fisher New York, NY c. 1865 - 1870 hobby horses, carriages
Flagg & Briggs Pawtucket, RI 1863 toy watches
Wolf Fletcher Covington, KY 1875 - 1894 dolls, stuffed animals, baseballs. (After 1878 Fletcher & Goldsmith; 1894 ;sporting goods only.)
Fletcher & Webster Nashua, NH 1865 - 1880's tin and wood toys. (After 1883, J. M. Fletcher.)
C.A. & W.A. Foster Fitchburg. MA c.1875 machinists, toys
Robert Foulds New York, NY c. 1845 -1890's toys, paper caps, pistols. (Also importer and retailer.)
G.W. Fraley & Co. Philadelphia, PA c.1875 velocipedes
E.B. Frances Windsor, CT c.1883 toys
Francis, Field & Francis Philadelphia, PA 1847 -1850's tin toys. (Also known as Philadelphia Tin Toy Mfg. Co.)
Fuller & Davis Worthington, MA c,1856 wagons, carriages
Garton Toy Co. Sheboygan, WI 1878 wagons, sleds, wheel toys. (Known early as Garton & Logan, Garton & Griffith; first toy catalog under name of Garton Toy Co. issued in 1887.)
Gibbs Manufacturing Co. Canton, OH 1890's pull and push toys, tops, etc
Mrs. J. Gibson Boston, MA 1856 - 1860's dolls
B. F. Gilmore Providence, RI c.1867 toy carriages, luggage
Glascock Bros. Muncie, IN 1890 baby jumpers, toy washing machines
Goldsmith, Philip (See Fletcher, Wolf) . .
Gong Bell Mfg. Co. East Hampton, CT 1866 bell toys
Goodhue, Douglas & Co., (See American Instructive Toy Co.) .
W. C. Goodwin New Haven, CT 1868 - 1880's Inventor and manufacturer of automaton toys; hobby horses
F & N Gouger (or Gorger) Lincoln, RI 1890's Manufacturers of cigars and also toys
Gormully & Jeffery Chicago, IL 1880's - 1890's bicycles
Jacob Gotz (or Goetz) Brooklyn, NY 1867 - 1890's toys. (1883 Gotz's Sons, 1894 J. Gotz's Sons.)
L.W. Gould Pelham, MA 1880's toys
G.S. Greenwood Gardner, MA 1830 - 1890's wooden toys, carriages, toy parts. (Later Greenwood & Wright.)
Greiner, Ludwig (sometimes Lewis) Philadelphia, PA c.1848 - 1870's toys, dolls, doll heads. (Late 1860's also Edward Greiner.)
Fred Hagen New York, NY c. 1869-1890's toys
Hahne & Block Newark, NJ c.1857 toys
P. Hahlweg New York, NY c.1883 toys
Halley Mfg. Co. Salisbury, CT c.1870 pocket knives
G. Halstead New York, N. Y. 1850's baby jumpers
Wm. Hammond Philadelphia, PA 1850's toys, carriages, coaches
Henry C. Hart Mfg. Co. Detroit, MI 1880's - 1890's toy banks
Harrison Harwood Natick, MA c.1855 - 1870's baseballs
Wm. A. Harwood Syracuse, NY 1870's - 1880's sleds, wagons
Robert Hattersley Albany, NY 1849 - 1850's toys
James H. Hawes Mfg. Co. Towanda, PA 1840's ivory and wooden toys. (1840's in New York; 1850's Newark; 1860's on in Pennsylvania.)
Hawk Bros. Laana, PA 1869 wooden toys
G.H. Hawkins New York, NY c.1868 mechanical toys, doll heads
Wm. Hawkins Birmingham, CT 1860's-1870's skates
Hayden & Chester Providence, RI c.1893 toys
Chandler Hayward (See Chandler Heywood)
Wm. Heckel New York, NY 1881-1890's toys
M. Hellman New York, NY 1881 - 1890's toys
Adam Helmstaeder Newark, NJ 18661890's wood turner, handles and parts, fancy wooden toys
Luther Hemenway Marlborough, NH c. 1852 - 1880's wooden toys, boxes
E. Henderson & Co. New Hartford, CT 1849 - 1850's wagons, sleds, rocking horses
Caleb Hersey South Hingham, MA c.1855 - 1860's wooden toys
E.L. Hersey South Hingham, MA 1850's wooden toys
Joseph H. Hersey South Hingham, MA 1840's - 1860's wooden toys
Joseph H. Hersey, Jr. South Gingham, MA 1850's - 1860's wooden toys
Samuel Hersey South Hingham, MA c.1855 - 1880's wooden toys
Reuben Hersey South Hingham, MA 1870 wooden toys. (All the abovenamed Herseys were at one time or another members of the Tower Toy Guild or Tower Toy Co. In the late 1860's Caleb and Samuel Hersey also ran a retail toy store.)
Chandler Heywood South Amherst, MA 1849 - 1850's wagons
Heywood Bros. Gardner, MA 1826 - 1890's carriages, toy furniture
D. Higham & Sons Philadelphia, PA 1880's wagons
N.N. Hill Brass Co. East Hampton, CT c.1889 bell toys
S.L. Hill New York, NY c.1858 - 1860's blocks, boxes
P. Hillenbrand Brooklyn, NY c. 1867 - 1888's toys
G. Hodgetts Brooklyn, NY c.1882 toys
J.S. Hoffa & Dushere Sullivan County, PA 1880's wooden toys, baseball bats. (Later Kennings Bros.)
Hoffman-Knickerbocker Co. Albany, NY c.1850 wood blocks, alphabet and lithographed
Hoffmere, Kelsey & Cornwell New York, NY 1880's propellers, wheelbarrows, etc. (Successors to A. Christian.)
F. Hellenberg & Co. S. Philadelphia, PA 1880's wagons, wheelbarrows, wheeled platform horses
G.M. Holtz New York, NY c.1867 toys
Home Music Co. Providence, RI c.1885 mechanical and musical toys
E.L. Horsman New York 1864 baseballs, croquet, archery, tennis rackets, dolls, rag dolls. (Also importer and jobber.)
Houghton & Edson Hudson, MA c.1868 blocks, toy safes, wooden toys
J.G. Hooey Boston, MA c.1849 fireworks
Wm. L. Hubbell New York, NY c.1882 toys
Hubley Manufacturing Co. Lancaster, PA 1894 - iron toys, guns
Hull & Stafford Clinton, CT 1866 - 1880's tin toys. (Originally Hull & Wright.)
A.B. Hunn New Britain, CT c.1883 toys
Hurley & Simond Haverhill, MA c.1882 toys
H.G. Hussey New York, NY 1880's toys
Hyatt & Co. Newark, NJ c.1865 - 1880's celluloid dolls, heads, and bodies, some with real hair wigs, some with movable joints
Ideal Manufacturing Co. Detroit, MI 1890's iron toys, trains
O.F. Ingalls Melrose, MA c.1883 toys
E.R. Ives & Co. Plymouth, CT and Bridgeport, CT 1866 - mechanical windup toys, automatic toys, trains, iron toys, etc. (In Plymouth until about 1870; Ives, Blakeslee & Co. until 1890; at one period, Ives, Blakeslee & Williams.)
W. &S.B. Ives Salem, MA 1840's - 1860's games and toy books
Joseph Jacob South Hingham, MA 1840 toy tools. (Member of Tower Toy Guild.)
Jacobs & Pettibone Cincinnati, OH 1870's toys
Deming Jarves Cape Cod, MA c.1800 doll dishes of Sandwich glass
J.M. Jay New York, NY c.1880 toys
Mrs. R.E. Jenkins Bordentown, NJ c.1875 doll shoes
C.N. Johnson Templeton, MA 1868 - 1880's carriages, carts, sleds, blocks, toy money boxes
Johnston & Co. New York, NY 1880's-1890's toys, doll carriages; also agents for Marqua hobby horses, etc. and Dare's TallyHo
Ralph T. Jones South Hingham, MA and Norwell, MA c.1878  wood toys, doll furniture. (Probably a member of the Tower Toy Guild in his early years.)
Jones & Bixler Freemansburg, PA c.1899 iron toys. (See also Bixler, Shimer.)
Henry Joslyn New York, NY 1860's toys
Wm. J. Judd New York, NY 1880 - 1890 wooden toys, manufacturers' agent
F. Kaldenberg & Co. New York, NY 1890's rubber toys
P.J. Keary & Co. New York, NY 1880's-1890's toys
Edward Kelsey Centerbrook, CT 1860's dominoes, ivory novelties and doll accessories
Kenton Hardware Co. Kenton, OH c.1880 iron toys, toy banks
Kimmel & Forster New York, NY 1860's paper dolls
Bradford Kingman Boston, MA 1850's toys, sleds, wagons. (After 1855, Snow & Kingman, making doll furniture, wooden and willow toys.)
Kingsbury Manufacturing Co. Keene, NH 1894 iron toys, banks, windup toys. (See Wilkins Toy Works.)
Kip Manufacturing Co. New York, NY c.1875 hobby horses
Kipp Bros. Louisville, KY 1890's toys
Kirby & Fountain Middletown, CT 1880's-1890's toy trunks and valises, bell toys
Kirchof Patent Co. Newark, NJ 1865 return balls, pistols
Klingman, Sturdevan & Larrabee Binghamton, NY c.1888 sleds, carriages
Knapp Electric Co. New York, NY 1890's electric toys, trains
D.T. Knight Clinton, CT c.1855 tin toys
Knost Bros. Cincinnati, OH c.1870 celluloid toys. (After 1895, Licht & Wankelman.)
Ehl Kurtz New York, NY c.1850 baby jumpers
Jacob Lacmann Philadelphia, PA c.1863-1870's doll bodies and shoes, dolls. (Sometimes Lacmann & Sons.)
G.H. Lancaster Philadelphia, PA 1890's toy whips
William Chauncey Langdon New Orleans, LA c.1846 games
Henry C. Lauterbach Boston, MA c.1875; tin toys; Manufacturing also importer and retailer
George H. Lawrence Greenfield, MA c.1860 - wooden toys
H. Lawrence Brooklyn, NY c.1882 drums, banjos, toys
B.F. Lee Akron, OH 1851 rubber dolls, doll heads
Lerch & Klagg Philadelphia, PA c1867 doll heads
Lesser & Co. New York, NY 1880's toys
Licht & Wankelman Cincinnati, OH (See Knost Bros.) .
Daniel Litchfield South Hingham, MA c.1860 - 1880 doll furniture, doll clocks. [Sometime member of Tower Toy Guild.)
Lloyd Mfg. Co. Minneapolis, MN 1890's gocarts, doll carts, wagons, etc
F & R Lockwood New York, NY 1820's games, puzzles, cards, books; manufacturer and retailer
Lockwood Mfg. Co. South Norwalk, CT 1880's iron toys
L.M. Lower Newark, NJ 1890's toys
William Long Philadelphia, PA c.1785 rocking horses
Lovell Arms Co. Boston, MA c.1872-1890's skates, bicycles
Ludlow Toy Mfg. Co. Ludlow, VT c.1872-1890 doll carriages, wagons, etc
Lyman & Curtiss New York, NY 1880's toys
W. Lynch & Son Providence, RI c.1865 doll furniture, sleds
Joseph Lyon & Co. New York, NY c.1862 mechanical dolls
McKee & Harrington Hackensack, NJ c.1885 toys
McLoughlin Bros. New York, NY 1855- (commonly accepted founding date of 1828 is probably that of a company this firm absorbed); paper dolls, games, blocks, books
L.H. Mace New York, NY c.1869- toys, possibly retailers also
J. Maginnis Cincinnati, OH c.1853; toys
Jacob Maidhouse New Haven, CT c.1865 toys
C.B. Manchester Pawtucket, RI 1867 tin toys, furniture, banks
Manhattan Doll Co. New York, NY 1890 dolls
Markham Manufacturing Co. Plymouth, MI 1884  air rifles. (Taken over by Daisy in 1913.)
H. Marks New York, NY c.1881 toys
W.A. Marqua Cincinnati, OH 1861 hobby horses, sleds, doll carriages, propellers. (After 1878, Bentley & Marqua; later Marqua & Skinner.)
D.K. Marshall Leominster, MA c.1883 toys
C. Martin New York, NY c.1875 toys, doll furniture
F.D. Martin Springfield, VT c.1880 toys; participated in development of Mason & Taylor dolls
Martin & Rippel New York, NY c.1880 toys, dolls. (After 1883, Wiegand, Martin & Rippel.)
Mason Manufacturing Co. Gardner, MA c.1895 wooden toys, doll furniture. (After 1903 in Paris, Maine.)
Mason & Converse (See Converse.)
Mason & Taylor Springfield, VT c.1879 wooden dolls
O. Maurer New York, NY c.1881 toys
A.F. Mead New York, NY 1880's toys
A. Mecky Philadelphia, PA 1883 propellers, tricycles, bicycles
A. Meinecke & Co. Milwaukee, WI 1853 willow ware, doll carriages, hobby horses, toy furniture, etc
A. Meisel New York, NY c. 1881 toys
Meisel, Lamps & Co. (See Pia.)
C. Meissner New York, NY c. 1880 toys
Mercer & Monod New York, N.Y, c. 1869 bicycles
Merriam Mfg. Co. Durham, CT c. 1856 - 1880 tin toys
Metzler & Cowperthwaite New York, NY c. 1867 hobby horses
S.T. Meyer & Son New York, NY 1890 toys
M.B. Mishler Ravenna, OH 1890 marbles
M. Miller New York, NY c. 1893 toys
H.P. Millett Paris, ME 1890's sleds, doll carriages
R.L. Mitchell Skowhegan, ME 1880 sleds
Monarch Bicycles New York, NY, Chicago, IL, & San Francisco, CA 1895 - bicycles
Monroeton Mfg. Co. Monroeton, PA c. 1888 wooden toys and toy parts
Moore Mfg. Co. Kensington, CT 1870 wooden toys, toy garden tools
Robert Morris Albany, NY c. 1867 toys
J.L. Moulton Lowell, MA 1880 croquet
Mueller & Sinsheimer New York, NY c. 1875 toys; possibly retailer also
J.E. Muhling New York, NY c. 1883 toys
Murdock & Co. Winchendon, MA c. 1878 wooden toys
National Doll & Novelty Co. New York, NY c.1883 toys, dolls. (Same as Martin & Rippel.)
National Toy Co. New York, NY c. 1875 toys
Navarre Glass Marble Co. Navarre, OH c. 1895 marbles
F. Navatier Newark, NJ c. 1857 toys
F. Neustatter New York, NY c. 1867-1890 toys
New Brunswick Rubber Co. New York, N.Y, c.1853 India rubber toys
New England Toy Co. Providence, RI c. 1868 tin toy furniture, toy watches and clocks, money banks
New York Rubber Co. New York, NY 1890's rubber dolls and toys
Newark India Rubber Mfg. Co. Newark, NJ c. 1849 India rubber toys and balls; after 1853, rubber dolls
Robert Nickle Rochester, NY c. 1875 magic apparatus, toys
Noble & Cooley Granville, MA c. 1854 drums and toys
Northford Mfg. Co. Northford, CT 1856 tin toys
Novelty Manufacturing Co. Chicago, IL 1870 carriages, carts, hobby horses, sleds, wagons, etc. (Also known as Steam Works of Chicago)
S.L. Noyes Ashburnham, MA 1867 -  c. 1890 toy furniture, wheelbarrows
Noyes, Snow & Co. Boston, MA 1870 games and toys. (Successors to West & Lee Game Co.)
F.M. Oppenheim New York, NY c. 1890 toys
Overman Wheel Co. Chicopee Falls, MA 1890 safety bicycles
Paris Manufacturing Co. Paris, ME 1861 - sleds, wagons, wheelbarrows, skis, furniture, etc
Parker Brothers, Inc. Salem, MA 1883 - board and card games, Ping Pong, jigsaw puzzles, etc
R. Parry Wilmington, DE c. 1867 tin toys
Horace Partridge Providence, RI c. 1865 fireworks ,toy flags, toy books, china toys
Horace Partridge & Co. Chicago, IL 1890 toys
Samuel Patterson Newark, NJ 1870 marble games
F. Paturel New York, NY c. 1883 to 1890 toy balloons
Peabody & Whitney Boston, MA c. 1878 wheel toys, rocking horses. Also jobbers and retailers. (Successors to Bridgman & Peabody.)
Don Evaristo Peck Burlington, CT 1856 - 1860 sleds, wagons, mechanical toys
Peck & Baker Springfield, MA c. 1872 toy gigs, etc
F.P. Peck Buffalo, NY c. 1866 carriages, toys
William F. Pettit Newark, NJ c. 1857 toys
Philadelphia Tin Toy Manufactory Philadelphia, PA . (See Francis, Field & Francis.)
John Phyfe New York, NY 1846-1850 ivory balls, dice boxes, teething rings
Peter Pia New York, NY 1848 toy metal furniture, trains, doll accessories. (18681869, Meisel, Lampe & Co., 18671875, P. Saldini; Tensi & Saldini; c. 1880 on Peter Pia & Co.)
Thomas Pickering Portland, CT c. 1875 velocipedes
J.A. Pierce Chicago, IL c. 1873 steam engines, steamboats, locomotives, mechanical toys
J.L. Plimpton Boston, MA c. 1863 roller skates. (Sometimes spelled Plympton.)
Pope Manufacturing Co. Hartford, CT (later Westfield, MA) c. 1878 - bicycles
Pratt & Letchworth Buffalo, NY 1890 toys
Priest & Son Hubbardston, MA c. 1883 toys
H.W. Quackenbush Herkimer, NY 1871 toy guns and pistols, building blocks
J.F. Quigg Chicago, IL c. 1873 rocking horses, jumpers, cradles
W.S. Reed Toy Co. Leominster, MA 1875 wooden toys, games, trains, blocks, etc
Rice & Randall Marlboro, MA 1865 toys
Richardson Ball Bearing Skate Co. Chicago, IL c. 1887 roller skates
David Ricketts New York, NY c. 1868 toy whips
H.J. Reiff Newark, NJ 1890 toys
E.T. Ring Worthington, MA 1849 - 1850 wagons
L. Robinson Bristol, CT 1849 - 1850 wagons. (After 1851, Case & Robinson.)
W.A. Rockwell Monroeton, PA c. 1866 - 1870's wooden toys, bats, pails
C.B. Rogers & Co. Norwich, CT 1870 skates
Benjamin T. Roney Attleborough, PA c. 1848 tin and iron toys, stoves, drums
Rubber Tipped Arrow Co. Boston, MA 1890's dart pistols
A.B. Ruggles Shelton, CT c. 1882 toys
Rutan Paterson, NJ 1850 wagons, carriages, sleds
J. Ruthven New York, NY c. 1820 metal, wood, ivory turner; billiard balls, bagatelle balls & cups, teething rings & whistles, drum sticks
St. Louis Refrigerator & Wood Cutter Co. St. Louis, MO 1890 toys. (Also known as St. Louis Toy Co.)
St. Nicholas Manufacturing Co. Chicago, IL c. 1893 toys
F. Sampson & Co. New York, NY c. 1867 toys
L.W. Sargent Newburyport, MA 1883 toys
A.S. Sawtell Rindge, NH c. 1868 wooden toys
Leo Schlesinger, Inc. New York, NY 1875 tin and mechanical toys
Schmidt Toy & Wheel Co. Chicago, IL 1893 toys
A. Schoenhut Co. Philadelphia, PA 1872 toy pianos, musical instruments, dolls, etc
David Schott Worcester, MA 1865 drums
E. Schubert Louisville, KY 1881 toys
A.T. Sears Chicago, IL 1880 velocipedes, tricycles
Jerome B. Secor Bridgeport, CT 1880's mechanical toys, etc
Selchow & Righter Co. New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY 1864 - toys and games. (Also jobbers)
S. Shepard & Co. Buffalo, NY 1866 tin horns and toys
C.C. Shepherd New York, NY. 1880 games, slates, desks
H.J. Shill Philadelphia, PA c. 1875 carriages
William Shimer & Son Co. Freemansburg, PA 1875 iron toys, banks, ranges, trains, etc
Charles Shipman New York, NY c. 1767 ivory and wood billiard balls, cups and balls, drum sticks, alphabet cubes, chess and backgammon figures
W.H. & T. Sibley Westboro, MA 1880 sleds
O.W. Siebert Co. Gardner, MA c. 1898 doll carts, velocipedes, luggage, etc
J. Sigourney & Co. Bristol, CT c. 1857 toy locomotives
F. & J. Slevin New York, NY 1868 toys
P.G. Smith Brooklyn, NY 1880 wooden toys, doll furniture
S.W. Smith New York, NY c. 1862 hobby horses, velocipedes, wagons, etc
Leonard Snow Marlborough, NH c. 1847 wooden toys. (After 1852, Luther Hemenway.)
E.H. Snow & Co. New York, NY 1890 toys
Snow & Kingman Boston, MA c. 1855 wooden toys, hoops, wagons, doll furniture, carriages, etc
W.B. Snyder New York, NY c. 1873 air pistols, darts, skates
W.L. Sommer New York, NY 1893 toys
South Bend Manufacturing Co. South Bend, IN 1874 croquet, wheel goods
Spaulding & Wilkins Hastings, MI 1880 croquet
Spelman & Payson Albany, NY c. 1880 blocks and puzzles
J. Spencer New York, NY 1832 wooden and tin toys
Springfield Toy Mfg. Co. Springfield, VT 1883 toys
Standard Manufacturing Co. New Haven, CT 1880 mechanical toys
William Starrett Norwich, CT c. 1868 wooden toys
H.B. Steele Winchester, CT c. 1856 wagons, velocipedes, carriages
B.S. Stern Co. New York, NY 1867 doll outfits
J. & E. Stevens & Co. Cromwell, CT 1843 iron wheel toys, doll furniture, ranges, penny toys, mechanical banks, pistols, etc. (18681872 combined with George W. Brown to form American Toy Co.)
Stewart & Corbett New York, N,Y. 18681870 carriages, spring and rocking horses, sleds, propellers, etc
W.A. Stinard Syracuse, NY c. 1893 toys
C.L. Stone & Sons Hartford, CT 1870 carriages, toy furniture, sleds
Strobel & Wilkin Cincinnati, OH c. 1878 toys. (Also jobbers and agents.)
Sues, Raplee & Co. Louisville, KY c. 1878 - 1890 toys. (1894, Julius Sues.)
P. Sythoff Brooklyn, NY 1848 - c. 1893 toys
Tallman Toy Co. New York, NY c. 1893 toys
S.W. Taylor Southington, CT 1868 toys
Teel & Badet South Bend, IN 1881 toys
Silas H. Thayer South Amherst, MA 1850 toy wagons
Thomas Tin Co. New York, N.Y, 1893 toys
Peter G. Thomson Cincinnati, OH 1870's paper dolls
C. Thropp Plymouth, CT 1880's toys
Lewis P. Tibbals New York, NY c. 1867 toy manufacturer and inventor; dealer, wholesale and retail; carriages, hobby horses, etc
Anson B. Tiffany Hartland, CT 1865 dolls
Toledo Metal Wheel Co. Toledo, OH 1885 wheel goods. (successor to S. O. Barnum & Co.)
William S. Tower South Hingham, MA c. 1830 wooden toys, doll furniture
Tower Toy Guild (later, Tower Toy Co.) South Hingham, MA 1830 wooden toys, toy tools, doll furniture, etc. (A group of toy makers whose associations with the guild or company were sometimes intermittent and indefinite. See William S. Tower, Gushing, Hersey, Jacob, Jones, Litchfield, Wilder.)
Toy Manufacturing Co. East Weare, NH c. 1875 jumping jacks
Tricycle Manufacturing Co. Springfield, OH 1880 tricycles, bicycles, wagons
George Tuttle New York, NY c. 1850 baby jumpers
George W. Travers New York, NY c. 1880 - 1890 hobby horses, velocipedes, wagons, carts, sleds, carriages, etc
Trenton Lock & Hardware Co. Trenton, NJ c. 1878 mechanical banks
T.O. & W.W. Tucker Meriden, CT c. 1866 - 1870 toys
Tuttle & Adams Fitchburg, MA c. 1878 wooden toys and toy wheels
Union Carriage & Toy Co. Cleveland, OH 1890 toys
Union Hardware Co. Torrington, CT 1870 skates
Union Manufacturing Co. Clinton, CT 1856 tin toys
Union Manufacturing Co. Brooklyn, NY 1870 steam engines and accessories
Union Toy Manufacturing Co. New York, NY 1890 toys
Union Turning Works Claremont, NH c. 1874-1800 wooden toys, blocks, and toy parts
Vanderbilt & McQueen New York, NY 1865 rocking horses, carriages, cradles, wooden toys
Vanstone Manufacturing Co. Providence, RI 1893 toys
J.C. Varney & Co. Dover, NH 1868 wooden toys
Daniel Verder Rutland, VT 1865 toys
Vermont Novelty Works (See Ellis, Britton & Eaton.) VT .
H.W. Wainer Greenfield, MA c. 1860 skates
Enoch H. Wakefield Boston, MA 1852 wooden toys, willow ware
A.L. Walker Leominster, MA 1883 toys
J.M. Walker Enfield, NH 1878 - 1890 wooden toys
Izannah Walker RI c. 1870 rag dolls (according to E. St. George)
J.H. Wallace North Weare, NH 1883 toys
Warner Bros. Bridgeport, CT c. 1886 baseballs
Daniel T. Washburn New York, NY 1867 hobby horses, carriages
Watkins & Roberts New York, NY 1883 toys
J.L. Watrous & Co. East Hampton, CT 1880 iron and bell toys. (merged with N. N. Hill Brass Co. c. 1890.)
Watson & Rulafson Bridgeport, CT 1880 iron toys
Waverly Toy Works (See Crandall, C. M.) . .
Weeden Company New Bedford, MA 1880 steam engines and toys
Asahel Weeks South Worthington, MA 1868 sleds
F.O. Wehoskey Providence, RI 1887 mechanical toys
Anton Weidmann New York, NY c. 1860 toys. (Also retailer.)
William Weisman Cincinnati, OH 1853 toys
J. P. Weixler Worcester, MA 1858 toys, willow ware
J. Wentworth Boston, MA 1868 rocking horses, carriages. Also importer and dealer
West & Lee Game Co. Worcester, MA 1870 games and home amusements
Westcott Brooklyn, NY 1880's -1892 toy trunks, blocks, etc
Western Toy Co. (See Yaggy & Kinley.) . .
E.F. Wheelan Newark, NJ 1890's toys
A. Wheeler Brattleboro, VT 1865 skates
G.A. Whetmore New York, NY 1881 toys
Whigville Manufacturing Co. Burlington, CT 1849 wooden toys
F.N. White & Co. New York, NY 1881 toys
H.A.  Whitney & Co. Leominster, MA 1860 carriages, rocking horses, furniture
C. Wiegand New York, NY 1881 toys. (See also Martin & Rippel.)
Crocker Wilder South Hingham, MA 1860 wooden toys. (Member of Tower Toy Guild.)
Ezra Wilder South Hingham, MA 1880 wooden toys. (Son of Crocker Wilder; member of Tower Toy Guild.)
Wilkins Toy Works Keene, NH 1888 iron and steel toys. (After 1894, Kingsbury Manufacturing Co.)
Wilkinson Binghamton, NY 1860 wagons, sleds, velocipedes, autos
A.C. Williams Co. Ravenna, OH 1844 iron toys
C.H. Williams Westboro, MA 1883 sleds
T.A. Williams Skowhegan, ME c. 1860 skates
Wilson Bros. Woodenware & Toy Co. New York, NY 1865 - 1890 wooden toys, games, carriages, velocipedes
S.C. & Samuel Window Worcester, MA c. 1855 skates. (Also known as Window Skate Co.)
Winton Manufacturing Co. Binghamton, NY 1888 carriages and sleighs
L. Wischbrink Louisville, KY 1881 toys
Louis Wolf Boston, MA and New York, NY 1870 - 1890 toys. (Also importer.)
J.C. Wood New York, NY 1881 toys
Reuben Wood Syracuse, NY c. 1850 toys. (1890, R. Wood's Sons.)
W.L. Woodcock Fitchburg, MA 1840 wooden toys, pails, toy parts
Yaggy & Kinley Chicago, IL 1880 - 1887 carriages, sleighs, bicycles, velocipedes, wagons, etc. (Also known as Western Toy Co.)
Frank Yale Plymouth, CT 1865 - 1868 toy wheelbarrows
Yearns & Smith New York, NY 1868 kites
J.A. Yost Philadelphia, PA 1863 - 1890 carriages, sleighs, wheelbarrows, hobby horses, velocipedes.